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Lucy Hicks Anderson, PLLC is a virtually-operated Texas wills and estates law firm. 

What makes us different from the traditional firm is that we are accessible to our clients via the internet.  The firm business model offers its clients the opportunity to engage with their attorneys on the clients' terms and at their convenience from anywhere throughout the world.  Utilizing our online law office platform, clients and attorneys are able to upload and exchange documents, chat live or via video, share emails, receive legal advice and much more.  So long as a client's matter originates in Texas, the Anderson Bush firm is able to assist even though the client may be or live somewhere else.

Further, due to our limited overhead, we are able to keep the costs of our services affordable thereby providing the same or better service than a traditional law firm but at a fraction of the cost.  And it's all done at the client's convenience.

Beyond creating wills, the law firm of Lucy Hicks Anderson, PLLC can assist you with special needs trusts, medical and other types of powers of attorney, real estate contract review and more.

Lucy Hicks Anderson, PLLC assists clients all over the world with legal matters originating in Texas, including Estate Planning, Elder Law and Real Estate matters.

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